Buried Child -- October 2006  
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"One of the best shows this year...The cast featured Wynne Anders as Halie, and Jim Williams as Dodge. These two grabbed a hold of the audience from the first moment and didn't let go until the last word was spoken. Simply superb! The production is quite impressive. This show is what live theater is supposed to be and proves that it still exists. Unfortunately, it is rare to see this kind of theater (even though its exactly what all theater should be); the kind that leaves its audience breathless and wanting more!"
-- Nicholas Linnehan, http://newtheatercorps.blogspot.com/

Standout performances alone by some of the actors make this performance worth seeing. They include...[Fudenske and Williams]...With his gruff demeanor and sharp tongue, Williams's Dodge readily displays the resignation of a man deeply disappointed by life. In scenes where other actors are onstage, their characters become secondary to the Oedipal tragicomedy between Williams and Fudenske...." -- Les Hunter, http://www.OffOff-OnLine.com