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Hi James- Love those classes! Really liked AOA and Sexi!

 Just wanted to reach out and thank you for giving these classes. I have some permanent injuries which have become worse over the last few years and have recently been considering a 8 hour surgery involving screws, rods and other paraphanelia. Scary surgery and loong recovery! I am acutely aware that right now, movement is the best medicine for me, but like so many others it is next to impossible for me to motivate myself to do the right thing on my own. Your classes are perfect for me and I have enjoyed every moment! Also, being a luddite when it comes to technology I am surprised at how user-friendly zoom seems to be. That said, I'm not sure you can hear my "good-morning" or "thank you" at the beginning and end of class, so I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your amazing energy and effort. Looking forward to the next round, next week. Thanks again. Peace, namaste and be safe,

Thank you so much for helping to keep us all sane during this Covid-19 craziness. I actually am arranging my work schedule around your classes. You are a blessing!

I really canít thank you enough James, for your generosity in having these zoom classes for us during such a trying time for so many. I have back issues and had major back surgery two years ago, but these classes have really helped me loosen things up in a safe and enjoyable way. I HATE to exercise, but i LOVE to dance! I move, I laugh and I find some pure enjoyment during your class, and always feel better after. They have done so much for - as you say at the end of each class- my body, mind and spirit.

Can't thank you enough for your generosity during this crazy time of covid. I had not heard of Nia before but, as it turns out, it's right up my alley! You are a thoughtful and energetic teacher -- with an extremely cute granddaughter!; very much appreciate all you do.

Iíve never been so drawn to show up every single time the class is offered. I make room for it in my schedule. I love it, itís relaxed, we laugh, we innovate, we modify as necessary, we express emotion. And the range of motion in my arthritic shoulder has improved a great deal! So sleeping better and feeling strong and capable. James' energy and love is infectious, and the workouts are crafted to make the hour feel simultaneously too short and just right!