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Alternative Lifestyles

* Alternative Medicine
* Food Co-ops and Resources on the Web
*  LSD Mania--Far Out Stuff
*  Macrocosm, USA--A nonprofit clearinghouse for progressives
* NYC Council on Coops--Coop Housing in NYC
* Organic Farming
* Ranibow Family of Living Light Home Page--Welcome Home
* Sustainable Building Sourcebook

Arts and Humanities

* Shakespeare WEB

Arts Management

* National Endowment for the Humanites

Computers and Information Technology

* On Line Shopping Supplies/Hardware/Software


* Environment Server at Cornell
*  Sustainable Building Sourcebook
*  Center for Horticultural Education and Sustainable Living -- Camden, Maine

Fun Stuff

* Virtual Tourist, World Wide Web

Internet and HTML Stuff

* EXCITE--Search Engine, by concept as well as key word
* Home Page Tools--Tools to use on your home page
* How to announce your Home Page
* HTML, A Beginner's Guide
*  Index of Internet Sites, NCSA's Collection
* Index of Internet Sites, Silver Platter's Collection
* Internet Goodies
* Internet World Magazine--MecklerWeb
* LYCOS Search Engine--Access over 5,000,000 WEB Documents
* PC Week Magazine
* PC Week Navigator--A business user's guide to the World Wide Web
* Pointcom--Selects best 5% of Web sites, evaluates, and links
* Search--My favorite Search Engine
*  Search MULTIPLE Engines
* Security for Unix
* SHAREWARE--Software Search
*  Starting Points for Internet Travel
*  Winsock Applications
* World Wide Web News
* WWW Virtual Library


* Best of the Web
* Visiting Italy...check Tradenet!
* Zip Code Lookup

Performing Arts

*   Music Home Page at Indiana University
* Music Home Page at Columbia University



Useful Tools

*   Credit Union National Association, Inc
*  Virtual Reference Desk

Wellness and Health

* Columbia's Healthwise

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