Strong warriors called to Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp!

This indigenous land sits in the middle of a Polo Club in an exclusive and opulent community in Mahwah, NJ.
The elite do no like to see teepees, prayer lodges and indigenous ceremonies taking place among their privileged aeries.
The Ramapough people are being physically harassed, slapped with spurious violations and are in danger.
The elite want their land.
Veterans for Peace is standing in solidarity with the Ramapough Nation here in Mahwah, NJ and we are asking others to come stand with us.
We need boots on the ground to keep people at camp here safe and show Mahwah Town Council that the world is watching what they are doing.
Please come self-sufficient in a respectful manner. To sign up on the Roster, go to Sign up roster
We are on Ramapough land and need to respect protocol, which is no violence or drugs.
We need honorable warriors willing to stand up against the corporate corruption that seeks to get rid of anything that stands in the way of their money.
 Miigwech relatives for your love, prayers and support during this intense time.
It is an honor to walk with you down this road to protect our Mother and our future generations.